Adventures in Speedy Bike Maintenance
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Without the embarrassing details, long story short: This morning, there happened to be a bicycle (my wife's) at my house whose chain had jumped off. The owner needed it tonight exactly when she got home in order for us to be able to eat dinner before a film festival thing, and was unable to confidently put it back together on her own. No time to spare after work for me to fix it. I sent my boss an e-mail saying "Need to run home really quick. Be back in a half-hour."
11:35: Grab helmet and bag, walk out office door. Hit stairwell for 11 flights down to bike rack.
11:47: Arrive at apartment door, lock up bike, sprint up 6 flights of stairs
11:52: Chain back on bike, wash hands, sprint down stairs.
12:05: Walk out of elevator doors on 10th floor of my office. Sit down, realize my back is soaked with sweat.
I'm sure a bike messenger could have done it far faster -- or I could have done it faster had I run some red lights.

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