Where Everybody Knows Your Name
0 comment Thursday, June 5, 2014 |
After a long day of bicycle advocacy, I decided I would go for a hat trick and drop off a flyer for a bike movie my race team is sponsoring at my local bike shop, Salvagetti's. Upon walking through the door, I saw a 29er I know at the indoor bike rack. Then I saw Nick Nunns in the back fiddling with a seatpost.

About that time, Josh, the owner of the first 29er walks out of the hidden "discount" area.

Scott and Brian were behind the counter fixing bikes and laughing at jerseys modeled by paunchy fatasses on a website. Someone I didn't know was there, but that didn't last long, I mentioned I saw Whiskey Dave's newly welded snowbike while riding around that day, and Scott says "Well this is the guy who welded it", pointing at Chris.
If you are going to be a bike lunatic in this town, it's good to know all the other bike lunatics. Hanging around this shop is a good place to start.