'90 percent of the time, you don't need a front fender'
0 comment Thursday, June 5, 2014 |

Just thought I'd share the results of my adherence to this theory. I'm not sure why only my left leg got soaked. It was hardly raining when I left my house this morning, and then ten blocks later, I was getting poured on.
I pulled up to a stoplight on 12th Avenue at Downing this morning, and there was a blue Jeep Liberty coming up behind me. Since Downing is a one-way and I figured the person might want to make a right on red, I pulled all the way over to the left near the center line, to wait for the light to turn. Nope. They pulled up right next to me, as if they thought I was making room for them and I was going to ride the center line all the way down 12th. Three blocks later, they floored it and passed me, coming to a halt at the very next intersection, where I sat behind them.
Dude, sorry, I was just trying to be courteous.