That was close.
0 comment Saturday, June 7, 2014 |
I was taking my normal route on a couple blocks of Colfax this morning, in the far right westbound lane, and saw a cop car and a couple more cars stopped in my lane. When I got a small opening, I merged into the lane to my left, behind three cars and started pedaling fast so as not to hold up traffic. Of course, everyone in front of me suddenly slowed down, and I went, "Oh, shit," in my head and squeezed both brake levers as hard as I could.
You know that feeling that you're doing everything you can to stop and it's just not fast enough? I got that. I even started swerving right to miss the van in front of me, before I finally came to a stop about 12 inches from the bumper. Right as my heart finally dropped out of my throat, I thought, "Maybe time for some new brake cables."