Commuting in the Snow
0 comment Friday, June 6, 2014 |
People are always talking about how messy and cold and just plain miserable it must be to be a bike commuter on days like today. ("Gosh, aren't you just so cold?" "Isn't it so slippery out there?")
This morning, I had to drive to an interview west of town by 7:30 and then make it to class by 8:50. I rationalized driving easily. (I also had to haul my laptop and food for a potluck - there was just no other way!) After spending ten minutes cleaning the snow and ice off my car (which has sat for a few days at least), I began driving. I listened to the Dirtbag Diaries (just like I would on my bike) and pretended to enjoy my drive. I did get to sip coffee en route - a true luxury for the bike commuter.
Arriving at school after a smokin' interview, I spent at least five minutes looking for parking. I have never driven to DU before and was perplexed by the parking limitations and odd street layout. I finally found a spot and walked the five blocks to my building, passing my beloved bike rack on the way.
I love bike commuting.

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