Squeaky Snow
0 comment Sunday, June 1, 2014 |
Dear Winter,
A couple of days ago I wanted you to get the hell out of Denver. It's the truth, and I'm sorry. After this morning's commute, I am okay with you sticking around just a little bit longer.
But seriously, get a real job and move out already.
This morning was a blast! I can even get past the fact that I was cut off and almost run over three separate times. The first, a girl in a Saturn of sorts, was the funniest. After almost turning out of an alley and into me (she did honk as she was exiting the alley, I�ll give her credit for that), we were both stopped at the light at 11th and Clarkson. The light changed, I took off just fine on my 29er, while behind me I heard the distinct sound of a car desperately trying to accelerate � or move at all for that matter � off the line. I chuckled to myself as she passed me.
One of the only times I will ride on a sidewalk is after a fresh snowfall, and I will only do it on one particular sidewalk. Once I get off the light rail I get onto S. Meridian Boulevard in Englewood. This is an industrial park for the most part. There�s never anyone walking around here, and it�s way safer on the sidewalk than on the streets with suburban folks who don�t expect to see a bike. The sidewalk was mostly plowed, the sun was shining, and I was able to enjoy the rest of my ride without worrying about a soccer mom flattening my ass.