0 comment Monday, June 16, 2014 |
I rode today. The only bad parts were the sketchy tire tracks and road snow crap on the streets downtown. I lost it at Lawerence and Park Ave West going around a corner too fast. I slid and somehow managed to clip out -- so my bike slid even further than I did. It must have looked pretty sweet from an on-looker's perspective (and when I crash - that is my #1 concern). In fact, maybe I'll collect my fundamental rules for crashing and post them here (at a later date).
On the way home, I took my normal detour from the detour along the Cherry Creek construction. The sidewalk across the street from Salvagetti had not been touched, and I managed to trudge through about 100 yards of before I crossed the street. The snow was so deep in that section - my bottom bracket spent most of the time "under snow".
Good times. I saw about 5-6 other tire tracks on the Cherry Creek trail, but I didn't see anyone else riding downtown. It wasn't that bad today. Dress warm, expect to tip over now & then, and have fun.