Relax, everyone, I'm a professional bike commuter
0 comment Saturday, June 14, 2014 |
I'm making the old Colfax U-Turn this morning, and right in the middle of Colfax, I took the u-turn a little too tight and dumped my bike. Landed on my left knee, ripped my jeans. Right on the yellow line. Thankfully, no cars were coming in the westbound lanes. Death cry this time? "Whoa!" Within about a half-second, I was up and on my bike again, rolling down Colfax, hoping the group of 40 high school-age kids in cowboy hats and boots didn't see me.
I was trying to decide if not having enough air in my tires made me wobble in the tight turn and fall, but then I decided I'm just an idiot. Splat.
I was talking with my colleague Eric about how the slower a bicycle crash happens, the more humiliating it is. This one was an 9. If I had landed on my face and come up with a bloody nose, it would have probably been a 10. Maybe we need to come up with a rating system.
(courtesy Google Maps)