Beloved By Citizens, Media & Malcontents Alike - Freewheelin' Day 2
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And so it was. Freewheelin' seems to be something just about anyone can get behind.
Throughout the day, we got compliments from just about everyone. The only exceptions were some cranks who couldn't be dissuaded from their presumption that there must be a catch. No catch guys, we're just trying to change your mind about how you get around.
The other big news was that a Freewheelin' rider got a ticket for going the wrong way down 16th st. Mall. I for one, am surprised it wasn't a few dozen tickets. I went by 16th St. several times, and saw a few riders on our bikes and their own riding down the mall every time I looked.
But enough with the words; here she is, the day in pictures in roughly chronological order:
Nate from Humana and Jason from Trek, two guys who just happen to be inventing bike-sharing kiosks, bikes and systems:

Josh, Brendan and I hammered out these routes over at St. Mark's one hot July afternoon. We drew them on, and they got sent to a designer who made them look awesome (although some of the lines got shifted so the routes appear to go straight through buildings, but everyone seems to be getting the idea):

My first ride of the day was a group breakfast ride to Snooze. Three of us were with Freewheelin' and the woman on the right wanted to get a better handle on riding in the street. She liked it so much that she went on the next ride with Stacy Wolff to the same place:

At about the time they left, the Wisconsin Delegation came by for a group ride. I had the privilege of leading the ride on the Spot Brand 29er, and I got to tell Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, all about the river parks system, and how 15 years ago the whole place was a blighted disaster:

There's Mayor Barrett and half of my smiling mug.
It was a great ride, but by the end I was really feeling the mere three hours of sleep I got. I also have to do my real job this week, although I have really cool employers who have been unimaginably flexible with my idea of a schedule, so I stopped in for four hours to crank out some work. Afterwards I went over to collect my personal bike from the main station, and my friend, co-worker, and Banana Republic moonlighter, Anne Matkowski was working as the local greeter there. She's all smiles:

I have to point out the Coke recycling program for public shaming:

Not only is 50 Cent still mixing batches of vitamin Water for them, but the recycling program is a sham. Coke has lined up hundreds of 3 ounce cups, and poured a half ounce of Vitamin Water from a bottle into each, once you are done, a helpful coke marketing rep will walk you over to a can that says "Give It Back" and encourage you to "recycle" your three ounce cup. I supposed they missed the class on reducing and re-using, and probably they were out getting stoned when irony was explained, hence the "Coke Recycling" branded Super-Duty Ford. But hey, it's got a faring!

Teaching recycling as if it's novel seems a little 1993 to me.
I got to sleep at 12, and slept like the dead.