Pics from Bike To Work Day
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Man, I hate getting up at 5 a.m. during the week. But hanging out at the Bike To Work Day nexus at Civic Center Park was a blast. If there were no free coffee from Caffe Sonora, I'd be singing a different tune. But I had a great time. Frank and Dan from Watercourse Foods set up right across from us, with boxes upon boxes of sweet potato cinnamon rolls.
There was lycra, tats, roadies, fixies, a few of those guys who make up the Denver Paramedics Critical Mass we keep running into, people with rusty chains, homeless dudes, guys in ties, and enough free shit to fill a set of panniers. Being there and being in the middle of it as a member of a bike advocacy organization really made me feel happy about our bike culture and the potential the city has.
The DJ from 99.5 The Mountain, who obviously gets paid to talk for three straight hours during the event, asked for a show of hands from the approximately 200-300 people there, who biked not just on Bike To Work Day, but every day. About 30 or 40 of us raised our hands and he incredulously said, "Year-round? In the snow?" And I think everybody just kind of smiled to themselves like, yeah, year-round, in the snow, but I can't really explain it to you.
Will and Lise work the BikeDenver table. On the far right is Tim -- if you've seen him before, you know who he is. He's a bike commuter. He didn't have his trailer on his bike today.
Mayor John Hickenlooper, left, chats with Gov. Bill Ritter, who actually rode a bike today. 33 miles, in fact. "Hey, wasn't that great how we painted about 5 sharrows on Bannock Street yesterday and made a big media statement for it? You almost get the impression we support cycling."
Will with Hickenlooper and Bill Ritter. It almost looks like Will is wearing lipstick in this photo, because of the weird lighting. I still think when it was just Will and me working the BikeDenver table, the girls from Vitamin Water were checking us out. But maybe they were just saying, "What the hell do you think happened to that guy's arm?"

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