Bikes Create Joy
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Thursday Night, on the longest running Thursday dinner ride of its type in the Rocky Mountain Region, we had a really nice time. Everybody was really chatty at the meeting spot on account of the mid 50s evening weather, when who should walk by, but Mayor John Hickenlooper! I pedaled over and re-introduced myself (John and I go way back - to Bike to Work Day 2007), and I asked him about some bike lanes that we've been trying to get the city to put in. He said something big was in the works, and there might even be a bridge involved (more on that some other time).
Fantastic, so I roll back to the group and we head out to Thai food, big smiles on everyone's faces. Dinner is great, and we decide to "rip around Wash Park" again, more laughs, more skid stopping, and more horsing around.
In all my years of driving, I never had the same travel experience. By definition, if you are all going to the same place, most of the time you take separate cars, struggle to find parking, and hope no one gets a ticket. Road trips are fantastic, but those happen so infrequently, in my heyday, they were at most once every three months. I go on at least one, usually two or three social rides a week, and every time, the simple pleasure of traveling in a group under your own power and enjoying each other's company puts a big grin on everybody's face. For me, bikes create joy.

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