A Dinner Ride of My Own
0 comment Wednesday, June 4, 2014 |
After work on Friday, I met up with some friends at the Pearl Street Grill for some happy hour specials. My friend Emily met me at my house and she, Napi and I rode bikes there. After a drink or two, we decided to switch locations as I had talked up The Sputnik's banana ketchup and everyone wanted a taste. My mission was clear: Bring Napi home (So. Broadway is not very dog-friendly), feed him, ride the three miles to the Sputnik from my house and get a table before my friends arrived. Emily chose to put her bike in another gal's car and friends all voiced their concerns about me riding in the dark -"It can be dangerous, ya know!"
"Yeah, I know," I remarked as I lit up my four blinking lights (one on me, two on the bike and one on Napi's collar) and headed out.
Well, long story short - my speedy, yet tired from my 40 mile ride the day before, legs got me there with enough time to get a table at the busy establishment, enjoy an entire glass of water and grin as I dabbed the sweat from my brow.
When it comes to dinner rides, the bike always wins.