almost doored by a cub fan
0 comment Sunday, June 22, 2014 |
Technically, if I would have been doored - it would have been my fault. Maybe this post is just a reminder for everyone that drivers can open their door at any time. Normally, I am on high alert after I see someone park or in general when I ride close to parked cars (some tell-tale signs: brake lights, seeing someone take off his/her seat belt, seeing someone bustling about).
But this occurrence - happened in grid-lock traffic (Cubs vs. Rockies game downtown). I say that technically it would have been my fault because I was riding down the middle line while all cars were stopped (for blocks... by the way). This guy opened his door to spit a huge loogey (sp?) on the street. I came to a skid stop in time to slowly ride around his door - and gave him a "Duuude?" - and he was like, "Oh, sorry". The "dude" was not in haste or in anger - but more in a questioning way - like, "Dude, I can't believe you took the last PBR". Ride with joy and ride with fear.