Yeah, I'm Alright, but Thanks for Asking!
0 comment Saturday, May 3, 2014 |
I had a similar experience on Monday as Nick B and Brendan. Seeing the clear streets and nice weather, I decide I will ride my fixie in to work, slick tires and all. Off course as we all know, weather blew in and put about a half inch of snow down for the return trip. Well, that's too much snow for slick tires, and after crossing the cool trestle bridge at Wynkoop, I turned the bars about 20 degrees to drop down to the bike path. TOO FAR! I was on my ass in a heartbeat, landed on my thigh and right forearm (that's a proper crash as per our ongoing discussion).
A nice lady was walking her dog and asked if I was alright (see blog title for my response). Anyways, again, friction is the enemy, and there wasn't any, so I was fine except for the wounded pride.
I did learn a new trick for slicks in snow: see how fast you can spin your rear wheel without it catching. It works best if you already have momentum and can balance on your front wheel gyroscope-like. I got mine really going, it was crazy!
What I keep coming back to, this is why homes in Colorado have "Mud Rooms".

Now there's a big black puddle under it.