0 comment Thursday, May 22, 2014 |
Apparently it's been a busy/slow couple of weeks for all us here a AYOBC. I know on my end it's been the former. Work is picking up, the new apartment still has boxes in random sections, and now that we have an account with the local video store we've been burning through movies and TV box sets like there's no tomorrow.
On the bike end of things, I've only been riding one or two days a week. My gal is 9 months pregnant, and the idea of trying to bike from work to the hospital is a little stressful. I don't think I'd make it in time. My friends assure me they'd leave work to take me if she went into labor during business hours, but half the time our schedules don't coincide.
I don't know any history behind this video or what's going on, but I liked it a lot and thought I'd share. Usually cops ignore us cyclists; this would be a welcome change. I don't know why they let all those ladies ride by in the beginning of the video though...

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, stay safe and get tan!