The shame
0 comment Sunday, May 4, 2014 |
I had to be at the Centennial Airport by 7:30 this morning, and I�m ashamed to admit, I didn�t even think of taking the light rail until too late. Here are some sample reasons I didn�t bike down to the light rail station at 10th and Osage, take the light rail, and bike to the Centennial Airport. There�s only one correct answer:
A. Well, it was my first time ever going there, and I didn�t want to get lost trying to find the place on my bike.
B. What am I going to do, ride 2 miles of six-lane Arapahoe Road from the light rail station?
C. I was out sick yesterday, I don�t know if I really feel up to it today.
D. I am a giant douche bag.
If you answered D, you�re correct.
I�m not exactly a "Kill Your Car" advocate; I think cars have a use in my life (getting to rock climbing/hiking/backpacking destinations, car pooling, transporting large objects other than groceries, road trips, etc.). This, driving solo on the freeway to a destination I could have easily gotten to on my bike and the train, is not one of them. Please berate me.
Nothing free about the freeway. And this was before the heavy traffic started.