Another Bike To Work Month!
0 comment Sunday, May 4, 2014 |
Yesterday began what is officially "Bike to Work" month in Colorado. For the year round riders which make up the majority of the readership of this blog, this will simply be "another bike to work month". For others, this will be a Herculean effort of will and perseverance, culminating in a triumphant victory drive to work on July 1st to celebrate.
While I still hold that more bikes being ridden to work is a good thing, I can't help but cringe at some of the behavior I observed on my ride to work today. Let's start with my descent onto the Cherry Creek bike path. A rider was coming up the ramp, and instead of downshifting, jumped off the bike and walked it up the slope. I just wanted to stop and offer a tutorial on shifting =( Next was the guy riding up 16th Street mall on his comfort bike, sans helmet, riding an unintentional S pattern, and holding up the commuter bus behind him. While I have generally supported an expansive role for bikes on the Mall, this mornings observations gave me doubts.
After my ten minute ride in, I arrived at my office to lock up. That's when I saw a $2,200 LeMond bicycle with expensive quick release wheels locked up to the rail with a twelve dollar, four digit combo cable lock. I suppose the owner is at least making an effort, but since that type of lock can be cut with decent long handle garden shears, I fear they will be bikeless at some point in the not too distant future.
Got a story about newbie bike commuters? Send it here and we'll post it, approximately 400 words is a healthy size.
After we clown the new folks, I suppose we'll have to confess the stupidest things we did as beginner bike commuters as well. Fair is fair.