Quiz: Car in the bike lane
0 comment Saturday, May 31, 2014 |
About 1:30 this afternoon, I left my office for a doctor's appointment. I was pedaling east on 16th Avenue, and there was a white Hyundai sedan parked in the bike lane on 16th between Lincoln and Sherman. I, too, was in the bike lane, riding my mountain bike. There was a also a car coming up 16th behind me, but not close enough where it would be dangerous for me to pull out and take the traffic lane to get around the parked Hyundai. What to do?
1) Take the traffic lane, pass car, get back in bike lane.
2) Pass the car, smashing driver's side window with bike lock on the way past.
3) Stop and take photos of the car, making sure to get license plate and 'NO PARKING AT ANY TIME' sign in photo. Make sure driver sees me taking photos of him/her.
4) Pull up next to driver's side window. Knock on window. wait for driver to roll down window, then say, "Hi. What are you doing?"
5) Same as 4, but yell, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"
6) Call police.
7) Ram into back of car at nearly full-speed. Make sure to land on rear window.
8) Pedal past the driver's side, give driver's side window a good, aggressive double rap on the way past. Stop at next red light and wait for it to turn green.
I chose #8, but I really wish I would have thought of #3 at the time, or been crazy enough to attempt #7 just to see how it played out.
Hey, even Google can see the bike lane. From space.