Bike path fixed!
0 comment Saturday, May 31, 2014 |
So the exit ramp off the Cherry Creek path at Wynkoop was only closed for a couple of days. After work on Wednesday, I got the pleasure of watching Josh drop his bike over the concrete wall to get on the bike path, by golly. He looked like a guy breaking out of prison.
Anyway, they fixed it, and the exit ramp is open again.

Oh, except look the fuck out, because instead of building a ramp, they put in this eight-inch curb. I thought the concrete was still wet when I was approaching this section after work (from the bridge), so I slowed way down. Good thing I did, because I wouldn't have seen this thing. Somebody's going to lose some teeth after flying over their handlebars hitting this in the next couple of days, coming from either direction.

I'm crossing my fingers that the contractors are working on a better permanent solution.