Messenger's Lament
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Firsthand experience: messengers can get treated like shit.
Over the past couple days, I've been delivering some packets for work (marketing materials for clients) via bike. I want to briefly describe the type of treatment I received at some business' reception areas. Normally,when I show up for client meetings or go into any business - the greeting is warm: *smile* "good morning, how can I help you today". The differences pf today and yesterday were: bike helmet, big bag and pants rolled up. The tell-tale signs of any bike commuter.
Note: I do not claim to be a messenger, nor to have ever "messenger'ed". Although, when I am, in fact, delivering packages with a bike - it's tough to explain the contrary.
As faux-messenger Josh (FMJ), there was no greeting. They wait for you to make the first contact. You are given no eye contact. The answers are short - like I had heard them a million times before:
FMJ: Is _name_ available?
Reception: I don't know.
FMJ: Well, I just have a package for them.
Reception: I can sign for it.
FMJ: Actually, I don't have anything for you to sign - I just needed to give this to _name_.
Reception: You can't see them - I have no idea if they are available.
FMJ: Okay, can I just leave this here for them?
FMJ: Thanks.
Another transaction, this time at a hotel. This was an interesting experience where the conversation was disrepectfully casual from the get-go. The hotel attendant started the conversation with, "Hey chief".
After these experiences, I see a different side of what messengers go through. Maybe they have learned not to give a shit. If, by chance, any messengers read this - please let me know how it is you don't slap more people upside the head.

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