It's officially May in Denver
0 comment Sunday, May 18, 2014 |
And it's snowing. I put on a rain jacket and snowboard socks before I went out the door this morning, and started thinking "I'm going to get pretty wet" about a block from my house, when I realized all the snow was melting of the front of my pants. Plus the water on the road was kicking up from my front tire pretty good.
By the time I got to the Capitol, my pants were completely soaked. I thought, hey, maybe I should go home quick and grab a pair of pants to change into, but nah, that's okay. My socks were wet, too. "Worst commuting weather ever?" I wondered. Yes.
I pulled onto Colfax and somehow sprayed a bunch of water into my bike shoes, soaking my feet all the way to the bottoms. Pretty miserable at this point. But, I just stuck my tongue out and caught some snowflakes on it, pulled into the middle lane to pass the No. 7 bus before it stopped, and started singing parts of "Sixteen Tons."
Kind of feels like being a little kid out in the rain, stomping in puddles, just for fun. Now I'm sitting here in my office, barefoot, waiting for my pants to dry out.