I don't get no respect
0 comment Saturday, May 10, 2014 |
After a doctor's appointment, I was pedaling south on Lafayette Street between 2oth and 18th, and a couple business-casually-dressed ladies decided it was time to cross the street. Not at the crosswalk, just in the middle of the block, on what's a not-too-busy street.
I saw them, on my left, and I thought, well, there's no way they'll have time to get across. They looked up, saw me, and started to cross the street.
One of them walked a little faster to get across. The other one just looked at me and kept walking slowly, and I had to ride in the other lane to get around her.
All I'm saying here is that if those two ladies saw a GMC Yukon coming down the street at the same pace my Trek was going, they would have waited for it to pass before crossing. Maybe people's thought process is, "Bike-->toy-->no way it can be going fast-->I have time to get across the street."