Healing Wheels Bike Tour - pic and recap
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Aside from RAGBRAI, this was the first real, organized ride I've ever been a part of (and surely not my last). It was so official, we pinned numbers to our jerseys and received swag bags from the sponsors. First class ride and support. Kudos to the key players who put this on for the benefit of the Inner City Health Center.
The metric century started at Bandimere Speedway and continued through Dinosaur Ridge, Red Rocks Park, Shadow Mountain, Idledale, Kittridge and the Brook Forest Inn. It was a beautiful route and probably one that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. On a sidenote: this route produced some of the most grueling terrain I have ever ridden. My training, consisting of Lookout Mountain and High Grade road, did not fully prepare me for approx 17% grade during a sections of Shadow Mountain.
Here's the route:

Andrew and I going up Dinosaur Ridge.

Descending Red Rocks:

False summit at Shadow Mountain. We thought we were pretty awesome until we realized we had another climb to the real summit:

The best Aid Station of all time was at this beautiful church outside Evergreen. Just down the road is where we saw some white buffalo:

Home stretch. Nick gives his look of approval:

All in all it was an amazing ride: very scenic and challenging. And the best part: all the proceeds went to the Inner City Health Center. Next year, you should come.

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