Foul Weather
0 comment Wednesday, May 28, 2014 |
DC had it's first proper snow of the year today, and while it's certainly softer and slushier than the champagne powder that falls in Colorado, it was actually a pretty decent commute in to work. The difference from my normal lane splitting traffic jam was that DC drivers aren't used to snow, and so they behave timidly, up until some moment of gross irrationality (most often an unsignalled U-turn in the middle of the street). All and all, I call that an improvement from the norm of brazen aggression with sudden moments of hostile frustration.

Here's the front door shot... I know, they call this a snowstorm!

My tried and true regalia, snowboard helmet, goggles, scarf.

Here, the most difficult part of any DC commuter's morning, a traffic circle. No one knows what the hell to do, luckily the snow seemed to slow it all down by 10 mph.

This is pretty light traffic for 16th street, I have to imagine a lot of people looked out the window and said "I'm telecommuting today, forget this!" Good choice.

Logan circle, and a certain tranquility before jockying for position to make my next left turn.