Thank you, Mr. Nice Driver, whoever you are
0 comment Sunday, April 27, 2014 |
I rode my road bike to work today, knowing full well there was snow forecast for Denver. On the way home, I realized how useless skinny slick tires were on snow. I wobbled a couple times on my way through Civic Center Park, spun my rear wheel while pedaling out of the saddle by the library, and definitely thought I was going to dump it at least once on 12th.
There was a car behind me for about the last seven blocks of 12th before I turned off at Humboldt, and even though I was going about 8 mph and they had ample opportunity to pass me (I was riding in the right tire tracks of the lane), they patiently stayed about 3-4 safe car lengths behind me the whole way. No hurry, no pressure. Cheers, buddy.

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