How to put on a little distance without leaving your neighborhood
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Last night, I finished up some work at home at about 9:30, ending a pretty haggard two weeks for me. Time for a quick bike ride. I have this series of loops, generally extending outward from Capitol Hill, that I do in combination with each other, and they add up to a few miles, total.
One is from my house, down 12th to just before Colorado Boulevard, down to 7th, and back up 7th to roughly Cheesman Park. Great street surface, and the bike lane on 7th goes on for almost a mile and a half.
Another is down to Washington Park, and around once. I'm on a once-per-day limit at Wash Park, unless it's dark. I love riding that loop in the dark -- no people, no dogs, no rollerbladers, basically no speed limit, and you can pull off to the side and take a piss anywhere you want.
Then out to REI, along the Cherry Creek trail. Straight from my house, it's 3 miles, one way. At night, there's hardly anyone on the trail, and almost all of the homeless folks are asleep down there.
If I put them all together, it's around 15 miles, I think. And nearly car-free. At no point am I more than about 3 miles from my apartment, so a lot of times, I don't even take tools or a patch kit, since I can walk home from any point on the ride if I have to.
Last night, I cut it a little short, but it was exactly what I needed.

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