0 comment Wednesday, October 8, 2014 |
The wind seemed to be coming from all directions on my ride this morning. I think the wind was at my back for maybe half a block. It nearly knocked me off my bike several times, most notably when I was doing a track-stand at a stop light. Thankfully for my ego, I was able to unclip quickly enough and managed not to look like too much of a jackass.
Pedestrians also become much more hazardous in the wind. I crossed the 16th street mall twice, and both times I had to dodge people walking in front of me. This happens pretty much every time one rides across the mall, but when it is windy out, people tend to duck their heads down and have tunnel vision, meaning that they are even more oblivious of their surroundings than normal.
The only thing I enjoyed about the wind this morning was the tumbleweed I saw blowing down Colfax.