The Summer of Cycling and Other News
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I'm calling it, 2008 is the summer of cycling. I'll prove it. My office normally has three bikes parked in the racks. This summer we're at overflow capacity, this was snapped at the modest rate of seven bikes racked up:

That's right a 133% increase in bike commuting!
It may have something to do with this:

The architects over at that soon to be LEED certified building on 14th & Wynkoop finally have fixed the curb of death, and built a proper twelve degree slope for the fine cyclists and disabled people of Denver. This happened immediately after this post, so clearly the construction crew is among our readership (or it could be due to simultaneous calls from our local bike advocacy group to city bike engineering and A.D.A. compliance)...
I recently travelled to DC to visit my special lady, and I'll tell you what, the place is pretty big on bike commuting. I spotted this businessman as he was rolling up his right pantleg, I rushed to get the shot, but he was already on his way:

Now I don't condone helmet-less riding, but I'm a big fan of the business-suit-on-a-bicycle look. Here's the bike parking situation on G street:

And somebody's got a marketing budget that makes me jealous:

For all they've got in DC, they don't have a Moonlight Classic. Again, it was the best place to work on your bike handling skills; who knew a ride that was closed to car traffic could be so dangerous. A girl at the start (uphill on 14th) fell over into me, but my right foot was squarely planted, and I prevented a human version of dominoes from ensuing. The interaction went a little something like this:
Girl in Grass Skirt - "Oh my god, I'm Sooo Sorry!"
Will - "Yeah, you really want to be careful on this section, you really can't go anywhere fast"
Girl in Grass Skirt (Heavy Sarcasm/passive aggressiveness/drunkeness) - "Oh, what a great idea, I never would've thought to be careful! What great advice, 'be careful', thanks!" ... as she rides away 4 feet, grass skirt getting caught in her derailer.
I rode with Joe and Lise, fine cyclists both, and we avoided all collisions, though I saw no less than three, and one at speed. The guy who crashed later challenged me to a race against him on his cruiser bike, I won, then stopped accepting any more challenges. In all the hazard avoidance, I didn't take any photos until the end where we could settle down, shake off the cold sweats, and have a stick-to-your ribs burrito at 2 AM

excellent bike handler, Lise
Keep riding ladies and gents, and we'll make it "THE YEAR OF BIKE COMMUTING" in 2008.

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