Running Red Lights?
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I have often struggled with the age old debate of whether or not it's kosher to run a red light. In my neck of the woods (South Side!), some of the traffic lights are triggered by sensors (which despite my efforts, my carbon fiber bike seems to be unable to trip) and others are just incredibly long. I typically wait for lights to change but often this can increase my commute time by up to 10 minutes. The lights are lloooooonnnnng!
Last night, en route to the Longest Running Dinner Ride of its Kind in the Rocky Mountain Region, I approached Alameda on Pearl street as the light was red. I was overheating (having already forgotten how to layer up appropriately for that vicious weather) and stopped to de-robe. I removed my helmet, gloves and messenger bag and placed them on the curb. I took off my windproof jacket and then the fleece beneath it. I put the fleece into my bag (unclip two buckles, reclip buckles) and put my shell back on. Put the bag back on, gloves back on, secured my trust helmet and boom, the light turns green and I make it through the intersection on a yellow. I was not rushing through this process mind you, the light was just that long!
Should I be running red lights? Probably not, but waiting at them sure is time-consuming!

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