Should I Trust the Weathermen Once Again?
0 comment Monday, September 29, 2014 |
Since moving to Colorado in 2006, I have learned a few things. Chief among them is that the local weathermen are scurrilous liars, not to be trusted. Too often they would warn me of an imminent freezing period, with death sure to ensue, only to have a beautiful day instead.
So on Tuesday, when it was 85 degrees, and they were predicting snow for Wednesday, I was skeptical. I woke up wednesday, it was a sunny 46 degrees, and no clouds on the horizon. I wore two layers, an undershirt, and a button up "biz cas" shirt, and rolled off to work.
At about 12:30, it started flurrying, but it wasn't cold yet. The mild flurry and occasional flake continued for a while, so when I needed to go up to the Tech Center for an appointment at 4:30, I figured the snow was on the way out, and I'd just ride up on the lightrail.
I got to the appointment, and the snow was picking up a little bit, but not too bad. Then I got out at 5:15, and it was awesome. It was coming down really hard, big flakes, visibility was shrinking, snow was piling up on cars and even the street.
I made it back over to the lightrail station after getting honked at by angry tech center drivers... I know they were cranky from the snow, but seriously, I was out in it getting my pants sprayed with street grime, and I was going pretty fast.
I took some pictures, because I didn't even believe the weather. Clearly I'm not dressed for this:

I think I'm going to start listening to the weathermen again.