Now That's A Bike Path
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This weekend, the DC area had the grand opening of the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge bicycle/pedestrian path. Karen and I decided to skip the first day it was open (pictured below), and ride it today when it would be a little less crowded. Our first impression: Awesome, grade A work.

A couple observations on the new Southernmost bike connection between Virginia and MD. It's 12 feet wide, giving plenty of space to pass three wide groups and looky loos. It has three carve out areas to stop, sit, and enjoy a great view of the city. It has a soundwall near the Alexandria side that allows you to have a conversation without the roar of traffic. On the Maryland side, it's got a great spiral ramp similar the the one in Denver connecting the Highlands to Platte St, but with an extra loop, making it super fast and fun. There are lots of signs and informational displays to read. The landscaping is excellent.
If you are in the DC area, I highly recommend taking the trip down there, if only to see it. For the meantime, I think the best commuter benefit is it allows anyone in Alexandria to ride easily to National Harbor, and vice versa. In the long run, I hope Maryland does as good a job as Virginia in building trail networks, it could really help the area develop as a bike friendly quadrant of the metro area.

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