Stolen Bike Dilemma
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Today while I was home for lunch, a guy rang my doorbell and wanted to sell me a bike. It was a $3500 mountain bike, and he wanted $400 for it because he was "moving back to LA in 4 days". The guy was also missing two teeth, dressed shabbily, and generally did not give off the vibe of someone who legitimately owned an expensive mountain bike. Door to door sales of expensive, often stolen goods might be another clue as to the nature of his acquisition. Don't take my word for it, see below.
He let me take some photos of the bike (dumbass):

I even have a photo of the perp thanks to the stealth move and my camera phone:

I posted on Craigslist so that hopefully the owner can be found, and the bike can be returned. I don't like when thieves come to my house to sell me things they stole, and I'd prefer if he's in jail. I've already contacted the Denver PD (Officer Silversmith), and hopefully they'll just pick this guy up without us bicyclists having to stage an elaborate "sting" operation (think A-Team).
So, if you have had your bike stolen, and you think it's this one, contact me and tell me what component groups are on it, the colors of the stickers, what kind of stickers, etc. are on it, and I'll give you all the info I have on this guy, including the phone number he gave me if I wanted to buy the bike.
This brings up a different dilemma, this guy was apparently referred to my address by one of my neighbors because they knew a bicyclist lived there. I had no idea that being a well known biker would bring this level of sketchiness to my doorstep... I don't like it.

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