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This is what Napi and I awoke to find out of our window this morning: The first snow in Denver! I know this is a bike blog, not a dog blog but I had to include Napi on this one because he was as excited as I was. I have been mentally preparing for my 12-15 mile round trip commute in the snow for weeks... Today was my day to shine!Apparently, it was no one else's day to shine. Here's the Cherry Creek bike path, by Colorado Blvd around 8:15 this morning. Typically, I get to ring my bell a lot. Today, not even once.
Here's Wash Park, 9:30 AM. Not even a baby stroller in sight. I rang my bell a few times, regardless - because I was so excited. There was a bit of slush here and there but mostly just nice, chilly riding goodness.
The ducks were LOVING it! We had the whole place to ourselves.

So, I finally arrived at DU and found this guy or gal's bike covered in icicles. Apparently not everyone gets as excited about Snow Riding as I do. I discovered this new way of wrapping my scarf around my head so that it covers my ears, chin and neck. It's wonderful. Unfortunately, my tongue still gets pretty cold and I had trouble speaking to my class this morning. So it goes. All in all, a good first snow ride. Was anyone else out there this morning?

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