Red means stop, or whatever
0 comment Tuesday, August 5, 2014 |
My new year's resolution has been to not run red lights, for a few different reasons. Yesterday, riding down 15th Street at 4:45, I was starting to question the wisdom of it. Hell, everybody on a bike runs red lights downtown, don't they? If not, you have to sit through that 20-second "WALK" signal with all the cars in all four directions.
So yesterday, I'm sitting on the top tube of my bike at 15th and Lawrence, waiting. Waiting waiting waiting. About 12 people start crossing 15th on the other side of the intersection. Then, a guy in dress pants in his mid-40s on a mountain bike (or a hybrid) with a rack, and a big cardboard box on the rack, flies by me going about 15, getting as close to me as possible, to what, I don't know, get my attention and let me know HEY KID THIS IS HOW WE DO IT IN THE BIG CITY or something.
Of course, all but the far left lane of 15th are taken up by pedestrians, so he immediately has to hit the brakes and swerve over three lanes to keep up his breakneck speed. Keep winning, dude.
(courtesy Google Maps)
Oh, and then I met up with Josh and we went for a nice, if a little cold, ride around Sloan's Lake and back.