It's time to pay the price
0 comment Friday, August 29, 2014 |
This morning, as I was literally a hundred feet from the light rail station, I took a glorious dive. I took the ramp up onto the sidewalk, and most have misjudged where the pavement actually was. All of a sudden I felt the bike drop a little bit beneath me. "Strange," I thought. I remembered this pavement being relatively flat. Before I could put it all together, my front wheel was rubbing up against some sort of elevation, and traveling in a direction that was definitely not where I intended. I tried to compensate but it was too late. I was going down for sure. I did a couple of hops on my right foot in the hopes that I could stay standing while ditching my bike, but I only got tangled up in it. I headed straight into a chain-link fence and tried to grab onto that, but couldn't get a proper handful. I lose it entirely, do a somersault, and end up on my back covered in snow. Turns out I had taken the ramp up onto the grass between the curb and the sidewalk, but couldn't tell since it was all covered in snow.
I'm okay with the whole event, however. A woman at the last light rail stop commented that I have her "utmost respect" for riding in this weather. It's the price you have to pay, I suppose.

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