If You Can't Duct It, They're Probably Broken
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The temps have risen a little lately, but that's not to say that the mornings and evenings aren't cold enough to plop on the old gloves. I'm still rocking the pair I bought a couple years ago. Endura brand I believe. They are crap (hindsight is 20/20) but Duct Tape helps hold all the places that have ripped together. There are actually quite a few:

I feel a little homeless (is that the word I'm looking for?) when I wear them. And coming from me, that means a lot. Like most things I own, I will wear them until they literally fall off my body. I only purchased these after a winter of riding to work in Thinsulate farmhand gloves. Actually, I still have the pair. It should be noted that I bumped chairs at a ski resort for two seasons in these things. They should have been thrown away years ago:

Despite (my) popular belief, Thinsulate isn't much of an insulator. Hey, I grew up in Iowa. Thinsulate meant quality at the time! And now that I think of it, can you believe a ski resort gave employees Thinsulate gloves to stay warm in sub zero temperatures? Ridiculous.
Anyway, I see the guys over at thebeatbikeblog are rocking patched gloves as well. Although, they're using needlework, which one-ups my Duct tape showmanship hands down. It's the time of year where people have to make the choice of buying new winter gear, or sticking with the same old crap another season. Here's to those making do!

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