Giggle, giggle
0 comment Friday, August 22, 2014 |
On my way to the Dinner Ride Thursday night, I rode down Broadway in fairly light traffic. I always feel like it's a little dangerous regardless of traffic, because when it opens up, people like to go a lot faster. I made it fine and took a right onto 13th, still pedaling really hard, and I had a half block to go before I turned right to stop at the Lao Tzu statue.
But, there was a pack of third-grade girls trying to cross 13th from the art museum to the library. It was one of those should-we-wait-no-let's-just-walk-halfway-out-into-the-street situations. And they all saw me. But, they figured, how dangerous is a geek on a bike? So they inched closer, closer, until I had about six feet between them and the curb on my right. Like, "Just so you know, we can walk right in front of you if we want to."

I've had a lot of adults do this before, especially on Colfax, but that's a different story altogether. It's like people know they don't have to respect you, because if you, a cyclist, hit them, you're going to be suffering a lot more damage than they are.
I think when I was in third grade, I got more respect from third-grade girls.
Then I had a nice dinner, and ate some cupcakes.