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Red = me
Blue = Guy in black trenchcoat walking
Yellow = Guy on mountain bike talking on cell phone
I was out on a leisurely ride last night on the Cherry Creek path about 9 p.m. when I noticed a guy in a black trenchcoat walking towards me. I had my lights on, could see him very well, and I also noticed another biker coming towards me, behind the guy in the trenchcoat.
I passed the guy in the trenchcoat, then a few feet later, the guy on the mountain bike, talking on his cell phone, no lights, no helmet. I wasn't 200 feet past when I heard a "Whoa!" then the noise of a bike crumpling to the pavement.
I made a U-turn back down the path, came up on them, and saw that the guy in the trenchcoat helping the biker up off the ground, then picking the guy's bike up. Just as I said, "Are you guys all right?" Mountain bike guy picks up his cell phone off the pavement, and asks whoever is on the phone, "Are you still there? Yeah, I just wrecked my bike." Then he says to me, "I'm okay, thanks."