Practice ride
0 comment Monday, July 21, 2014 |
I've been anticipating this ride since before Christmas. I wanted to try out the touring set-up. This morning I took the Cherry Creek path to REI and headed down the South Platte trail. The trail was snow/slush free the entire way - there were just a few pools of frozen or near-frozen puddles. Great ride. It was about 32 degrees the whole way. I only saw 3-4 other cyclists. I thought I would see more since this is the first time in 3 weeks the trails have been completely clear.
BTW - the touring set-up worked great. I stuffed my panniers with phone books, some sweatshirts and my tent. The weight distribution felt really strange at first, especially when I stood up to pedal. Took a little getting used to this... and going only 10mph (rough guess on speed based on how slow I passed a runner).