Nearly Hit
0 comment Tuesday, July 8, 2014 |
Mondays I start my day with a casual, twelve block commute (very different than my normal 6 mile commute). It's typically uneventful but this morning, I got a nice wake up call. I was at the STOP sign on Race Street, waiting to cross 14th (one way heading east) heading north. A large SUV (Tahoe-ish vehicle) pulled up at the opposite STOP sign waiting to cross, heading south. I saw my window of opportunity and cranked. Apparently, the SUV driver saw his window too - but not me. Since he was turning onto a one way, he turned tightly, heading straight into me. He stopped short about two feet from me - SCARY! - saying "Oh JEEZ! Sorry! Sorry!"
I was scared, true, but I was also sort of excited. Of all the times I've almost been hit (more than I would like) this is the first time where I got a sincere apology. I actually said "Thanks, it's OK," instead of my typicaly death cry of "F*cker!" (or something of the sort).