My Last Dinner Ride (for now)
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This past Thursday, I went on my last Thursday night dinner ride for the foreseeable future. I'm moving to DC (currently at my Dad's house in Wichita, 1/3rd the way there), where I am unaware of any dinner rides presently running.
It's been a little slow on the recent rides, but inevitably, I do hear from one or two people that they met and went somewhere, so I still think the title of "longest running..." is warranted. I met up with Jewlya at the statue, and we rode over to the Asian Cafe on 6th and Pearl. Great food, and worth including in the roster of places to go (hey, it's veggie friendly!)
I'll tell you what, not every town has something like this, and it's a swell event for getting to know new people, hard core bike commuters in particular. Last summer, after a BikeDenver meeting where a couple new people showed up (Brendan, Josh & Nick), they invited me to go on this little recurring ride that they set up. I couldn't go that week, but the next week I showed up, as did about five others, and that group has been my main circle of friends in Denver ever since.
So everyone out there, keep it going, and especially in the winter when your other weekly events slow down and start to suck. There is nothing more hard core than meeting up while the snow is coming down, and powering through a wintery wonderland in pursuit of hot food and good times. If I'm ever in Denver on a Thursday Night, you'll all know where to find me. Here's to the memories!

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