First Slide of the Season
0 comment Tuesday, July 1, 2014 |
I've been enjoying the challenge of navigating the snowpack and icefields so far this season, and taking my first ice slide hasn't changed anything. Here's how it went down:
At Colfax, Cherry Creek bike path splits to ped side and bike/rollerblader side (yes really) by way of a bridge. I came into it conservatively slow.

There is a slight turn on the other side, and I saw that it was icy, so I planned on taking it as wide as possible, bad idea. Yesterday's warmth and freezing night formed a thick sheet of ice there, and it lies in the shade, so it is only getting thicker. As I was trying to straighten back out, the wheels kept going sideways. I got my feet out of the pedals and put a foot on the ground first, but that too slid out from under me and I landed on my leg and right side.

Luckily, since friction is your enemy in bike crashes, and there effectively wasn't any on the ice sheet, I remain unscathed and in good spirits.

Worst part of the whole ordeal, crossing 15th and Wynkoop, a traffic cop says "Man, that looks like it hurt!" referring to my snow covered pantleg and jacket. I didn't have anything more clever than "it comes with the territory" in response...
*Pictures are re-enactments, taken upon re-visitation of crash site at about 12:15 PM.
**Important detail, as I was dusting the snow off at the bottom of the ice sheet, another commuter on a Rock Hopper nearly did the exact same thing, but just barely held on to his uprightness. I may need to re-evaluate my position on skinny cyclocross tires.