Excuse me, I'm lost. Could you get out of my way?
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Every once in a while, I ride on 13th Avenue for a couple blocks, west from Sherman to Acoma. Actually, only when I'm going to the Central Library. Like tonight, when I was returning a book that's been overdue for a week now. The electronic book return is on the 13th Avenue side, and I never have problems.
So tonight, I pull up to the light at 13th and Broadway behind a guy in a red sedan, and he has his right turn signal on. I figure this isn't going to work out too well for him, since Broadway is a one-way going the other way. But maybe he just accidentally left his turn signal on.
Nope. When the light turns green, he turns right, and luckily there isn't any oncoming traffic, but he notices pretty immediately. By the time he's decided to try to turn back onto 13th, I have passed him on the left and am pedaling towards the library, maybe 200 yards away.

Before I start slowing down, I signal that I'm turning right, because I can now see the guy's headlights behind me a ways. I'm essentially in a parallel-parking lane, but there are no cars. And he honks at me.

There's only one other car on 13th, leaving an open lane in the middle for him to pass me, and I'm way over on the right side of the road. Tough crowd to please out here sometimes.

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