Taking it to Lookout Mountain
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Well, you couldn't have asked for a better day for a bike ride. Yesterday Josh, my buddy Brian, and I decided to put ourselves in some pain and ride from Denver to Golden, and up Lookout Mountain and back. I don't know about Brian and Josh, but this ride ended me. When I got back to Denver, I was DONE. Here's the route. It's right at 40 miles.
Brian Williams shows us how to go light. That's a cheese and avacado sandy on whole wheat.
It's tough to tell in this photo, but the guy on the left has his helmet strapped to his backpack because, as we all know, there's no way you can smash your skull riding up Lookout Mountain.

As we were taking a break, this guy on a unicycle zipped by. I should say flew by. He was rocking it hard on the one-wheeled fixie. God damn hipster.
It should be noted that not only did he beat us to the top (pictured below) but on the way down, he passed us GOING BACK UP. Animal.

Victory for Josh Barker. This guy carried two phone books in those panniers the whole damn way and didn't bitch once. Not only that, his bike wouldn't shift into his granny gear, so he was on his second ring the whole way up Lookout Mtn. on a steel bike that probably weighed 60 pounds. Should have spent the extra cash and bought a carbon fiber Barker.

Nick and Brian testing the view finders at the top of Lookout Mountain.
With a mustache like Brian's, the western wooden cut-out scene is a must. And, as we all know, when shooting your rifle, always wear a helmet.

Unknown cyclist giving birth.
Here's more pics if you're interested, via Josh Barker