On Your Left?
0 comment Sunday, June 8, 2014 |
Riding through Wash Park and Cheesman Park each and every day, I find that everyone seems to have a different method for passing people. Now, don't get me wrong - I do not get passed that frequently but every now and again some lycra-clad, carbon-fiber riding hooligan flies past me. Sometimes they shout "LEFT!" or "PASSING" but sometimes - as was the case on the bike path on Tuesday - they are silent. The other night I nearly swirved into one of these silent cyclists who (presumably to maintain his ninja-like persona) had no lights or reflectors. Luckily, it was a miss and we both left the scene unscathed. It did leave me wondering,:what are your thoughts on giving a holler as you go by. I got that pig horn (thanks to Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop) and I prefer that to yelling constantly (which is the case in Wash Park after work) but on my road bike I got nothing but two lungs. What's your tactic?