Local News-- National Problem
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I like to follow bicycle news from back home. When I found out about this article , I became pretty angry. But I am also rather happy about the outcome. Please check out the link.
For reference, the traffic flow rates on the street where this incident occurred are probably comparable to a street like 12th Ave through Cheeseman Park; a little higher at peak travel times. So, this street is fairly quiet and safe.
Even though 97% of people in Columbia believe in sharing the road safely with cyclists, the anti-cycling crowd came out in droves to comment on this article.
Many people feel like a mother like Gina is endangering her children by letting them ride their bikes. Would Gina really be safer driving her kids to and fro?
I think I will start standing at the gas station off of Colorado and I-70 warning people that they are risking their children's lives by carrying them around in cars. After all it is the biggest cause of death in children over the age of 3. And if they make it through that, they may have heart disease to look forward to.
What do you think?

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