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Wasn't today one of those days where it feels like there's always a head wind? Did the wind blow so hard that at one point I was blown off the road (luckily up a ramped curb onto the sidewalk)? Was I blown over just waiting at a traffic light? Yes. Yes and Yes. But that's not what this blog is about. It's about a girl and two guys. (and there is profanity so I apologize in advance)
Not what you think... come on! The girl is me and one of the guys is a douchebag and one is a nice friend to bikers everywhere. The story goes like this:
I'm riding down St. Paul/Steele (it changes names at some point, so I'm not sure which) and spending most of my energy just trying to stay upright (today would be a great day to weigh 280 and have a steel frame bike, if you know what I mean). Suddenly, I notice a red Blazer bombing down the side street which ends with a STOP sign where it meets St. Paul/Steele.
He plows right through the stop sign as I'm cruising past the street, missing me by a few inches. I couldn't swerve because I knew there was one of those extended cab, extra wheel pickups behind me and just to my left (had watched him turn onto the street a few moments earlier). He made eye contact with me as he glanced up from the cell phone he held in his hand - probably sending a VERY important text message.
Enter nice friend to bikers everywhere guy. He is driving a white BMW and heading the opposite direction on St. Paul/Steele. He lays on his horn - hard. I think this is actually what got the Blazer douchebag to stop but I'm not sure about the series of events. He beeped for a good thirty seconds. I was grateful for him, to say the least - it's not often that a car beeps for me as opposed to at me.
I carried on, pretty shaken and glanced over my shoulder to see Blazer douchebag turn onto St. Paul/Steele heading my way. I, swerving in the wind, moved as far right as possible. As he approached he slowed down. I kept pace and glanced over at him. He yelled "SORRY!" out his open window. I yelled "Lay off the cellphone, asshole!" He sped off. Perhaps I could have contained my anger and thanked him for apologizing, rather than running me over and slamming me into the truck behind me but I was really pissed.