A Little Bragging and A Request for Pedi-Cab Operators
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As some of you may have heard, the DNC convention will be in town next week, and a bunch of us bloggers have been involved with making crazy bike stuff happen via our various roles with BikeDenver. So for the permanent record that is the internet, I think a little credit and or self congratulations are in order for the following services:
Josh - Built bikes at 5 AM in a warehouse on 41st and Brighton for the media, planned out group rides, among other contributions.
Brendan - Helped plan out the routes for group rides, and whether he knows it yet or not, I asked his employers to give him some time off so he can lead one of them (sorry dude, it was kind of down to the wire).
Nick B. - Didn't laugh when I asked him to ask Vail Resorts for a mile of snow fencing. He actually asked them, and I think they are sending some down so we can make a bike corral for the Thursday night speech at Invesco. Also, Nick volunteered himself to operate a pedi-cab recycling program this week... more on that in a moment.
Will (me) - Helped figure out where to put all these damn bikes, and loaned out my personal fleet of bicycles for a group ride for the big shots putting the money behind this project (none had been on a bike in years, I soon found out), among other contributions.
Alright, sorry about the self congratulatory post, but it's getting awesome around here, and thought you all should know. If you happen to make it into town, be sure to try out some of the Freewheelin' bikes at any of the 8 stations downtown that will have them. Let us know what you think.
About Nick's pedi-cab recycling project... He just got put in charge on Monday, and they start on Sunday. Did I mention this requires all volunteers, and that he has one so far, and needs more than that to operate three pedicabs for five days? That's where you come in, dear reader, this blog has become interactive, Web 2.0 and all that. If you are in the Denver area, are stout enough to pedal a pedi-cab, and can be relied upon to show up on time, we need your services. Call in sick next week, email me at willhandsfield@gmail.com and let us know you are interested in helping this 100% sustainable recycling effort. You'll also learn valuable pedi-cab operation skills, which will be in desperate need after the revolution.

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