Inaugural Cupcake Ride
0 comment Wednesday, May 7, 2014 |
The Longest Running Dinner Ride of Its Kind In The Rocky Mountain Region visited Little India on 15th and Champa this evening. Right at 15th and Colfax, we were taking up the right lane of 15th, and got honked at by someone behind us, then I got buzzed by a pickup. Josh pointed out that NCAA Tournament first-round games were going on at the Pepsi Center today, so that might account for the atypical driving.
After dinner, Nick Nunns led Josh and I to The Shoppe on Colfax, where we ate incredible cupcakes. Nothing like going for a bike ride with a bunch of vegetarians and eating cupcakes afterward. Scott showed up, too. All told, it was about a 4.5-mile Dinner Ride, during which I ingested an estimated* 1,800 calories.
*not scientific

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