Disabled List
0 comment Thursday, May 8, 2014 |
I'm staying off my bike for the next two or three weeks in hopes that I can heal my re-aggravated shoulder that I sprained after hitting a pedestrian way back in September. The shoulder healed just fine, but I messed it up again just before Christmas when I decided I was 19 years old and needed to start doing pullups again. Not a good idea.
So, I'll be missing from the blog for a few weeks, starting last Friday. Actually, my first day off my bike, I almost got in a fight with a guy at 9th and Lincoln when his girlfriend thought she should not have to stop their Honda Accord behind the crosswalk, even though she had a red light and my wife and I were trying to cross the street. Turns out I get shit for walking in this town, too.
Moral of the story is: Give pedestrians a wide berth, especially if you're on a bike, because they can mess you up.